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Total AV Antivirus Reviews For Android and Pricing Details Here

Total AV Antivirus Reviews is complete antivirus software that provides security and protection from various threats to the system. This software is beneficial for system security and safety. When there is a danger of a threat to the system, this software starts working silently. The advanced scanning features of the system allow the system to scan the system. In addition, when we attach the extra device to the system this software first scans the system and then transfers the files. Moreover, it detects the various types of malware and spyware in the system. After the detection of the viruses, it scans the system and removes them from the system. In addition to this application, there are also system optimization tools. these tools speed up the system and enhance the system working.

Total AV Antivirus Software

Furthermore, the software is also helpful for removing junk and catching files from the system. Those files that are corrupt and have a virus inside the files cannot open in the system due to the software’s security. The person who works from home will be safe from any outside viruses and malware that are dangerous to the system. Total AV Antivirus software is used in business firms also. And, the companies save their data and secure the system from the fear of being damaged by the data. The account information and other information regarding the business also remain to save from viruses. In addition, the important feature of the software is its on-time protection and safety abilities. With this software, the system keeps an eye on the system to any malware and spyware for the system which is dangerous to the system.

Total AV Antivirus | A Comprehensive Defense for Your Digital World:

The software blocks the malware and the virus automatically without the user’s permission. With its on-time protection, the system remains safe from enormous damage in the system. Additionally, the quick system scans in the system are helpful for real-time scanning. This scanning detects the virus and spyware and protects them from the system. Similarly, the hackers that are trying to enter your system without your permission, protect them from entering the system. The custom scan option is also available in the software, which allows the scanning only to those systems we want to scan. The devices attached externally to the system are also protected by the software that scans them while connecting to the system. Total AV Antivirus login provides a range of security in browsing while using the internet.

The software changes the firewall and proxy of the internet if they have an issue inside them.  The unauthorized person who wants to enter your system is blocked and prohibited automatically without the user’s permission. Moreover, online privacy in the sites that are personal in use to them is secured through which they control the traffic of the sites. This software provides a complete range of security that safe the system from threats. The hackers are not allowed to enter the system due to proxy and IP strong security. Furthermore, this software is also helpful for business companies that secure their personal information. The information about the business and its employees in the salary account area is saved and secured. The system is scanned and secured with the software.

Total AV Antivirus | Award Winning Antivirus Pro 2023:

These helpers receive the problem while using the software.  Due to its feature, it become the most popular worldwide to use. Everyone uses this software due to its high features. Further, The new version has also frequently asked questions from the user with their answer displayed in the software. Besides this answer, the user understands the problem with the solution itself. The team for the support and help for this software is very dedicated to its work to help everyone easily. The user used this software as it became the world-famous and complete security software among all software. As a result, the software blocks the virus and junk data on websites and the links on the internet.

Total AV Antivirus Reddit has many features in which one of the important features is its easy and understandable interface for the users. Those users who do not know how to use this software can easily run the software. The software has a complete help guide for beginners. In addition, Navigation is also easier in the software. The feature protects the web IP address. This software blocks websites that have malware that can damage the system. Finally, it provides wonderful support care and a helping desk for the users who can contact the developers to understand the system. If there are further problems regarding using it, the user contacts the developer through the support center.

Total AV Antivirus Reddit

Is Total AV Antivirus Safe To Use?

Total AV Antivirus Rating is very safe to use in the system.  It provides itself with the security and protection of the system. Everyone feels safe using this software. Furthermore, the virus and other malicious files and data are secured with the help of this software. It is designed in such a way that everyone can use this software easily. The scanning of the system is effortless as it scans the whole system for suspicious threats. The hackers that want to enter your system without your permission are not allowed to enter your system with the help of this software. Finally, this software is safe for your system from malware and spyware. Has become the most popular in the world due to its high-security features.

Moreover, Total AV Antivirus for PC also protects the system for web development too. Internet browsing in the system is now safe and secure with the help of this software. The software blocks the online threat to the system. The data and personal information on the websites are totally secure through this software. In addition to these features, the software helps the user to scan the external device too that connects to the system. There is also an option for file formatting in which we can format the file with the virus’s danger.

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Total AV Antivirus Reddit More Info & Detailed Features:

  • Anti-Malware: This software protects the system from malware that causes damage to the system.
  • Anti-Spyware: The software acts as a safeguard against suspicious spyware which is harmful to the data in the system.
  • Anti-Ransomware: It prevents a ransomware attack and if it happens then it helps to recover the data in the system.
  • Anti-Adware: It removes the harmful adware that attacks the system and makes trouble for the system’s users.
  • Anti-cookies: It blocks the cookies and trojans from entering the system.
  • Real-Time Protection: This software provides on-time safety to the system even without the permission of the user.
  • Unrelated Firewall: This software does not allow the unrelated firewall to open in the browsing while using the internet.
  • Safe Site: It always opens those sites that are safe and have no danger.
  • Password Manager: It manages the passwords and saves the history even in forgetting the password.
  • Internet Security: It provides complete internet security and removes the danger of all hacker threats to the system.
  • Virus Scans: They scan the system for viruses and protect it from fire damage.

What’s New In The Latest Version?

  • Major bugs fixes
  • New interface
  • Scanning time is fast
  • Password security
  • Increase Cleanup
  • Colorful Layout
  • PC safety
  • Blocks error sites
  • Prevent hacking
  • File formats
  • Scans system automatically
  • Protects the CPU disks


  • Good  Security
  • Highly safeguard for system
  • Easy in use
  • Optimize the system
  • Fast scans
  • Translation is available
  • Remove the virus
  • Internet browsing safety
  • Add in the free version
  • Limited feature for new users
  • Support and help are slow
  • Security test results are not satisfying
  • No advanced firewall screen
  • Bugs in the software
  • Expensive paid feature.

System Requirements:

  • For Laptop and PC: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11/Vista
  • Operating System: 32 and 64 bits only
  • RAM: A minimum of 512 MB is enough
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5GB is enough for complete installation
  • Processor: 1GHz is enough for smooth use

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Total AV Antivirus For Android

How To Install It On Your Operating System?

Here is a complete guide for you to get the software on your operating system simply and easily. So, follow the directions for a better experience. And enjoy using the software.

  1. Open the official website of Total AV Security.
  2.  Click on the get for window option.
  3. Get the installation set up in the system.
  4.  Open the file folder and install it in the system.
  5.  Wait for the installation process and activate it in the system.
  6.  After completing installation launch it in the window panel for use.


Total AV Antivirus for Windows is a complete security software that provides the system safety from suspicious activities in the system. The software has an attractive interface that provides complete security and an easy guide for beginners. Those who want to save their data and secure them with high security have to install the software. The self-scanning feature in the software makes the system very strong and safe. When any external device connects to the system, it warns the user whether the device has a virus or any other dangerous thing in the device. The scanning of the system is automatic without the user’s permission. Additionally, there is an extra feature of file formatting in which the files that have junk data are formatted easily. In conclusion, it is very safe and complete anti-virus software that safeguards the system against data breaking and leaking.


Q:  Is Total AV antivirus good?

Yes, Total AV Antivirus is a good and compatible software among popular antivirus software.

Q:  Is Total AV antivirus better than Norton?

Norton has more features compared to Total AV. So Norton is better than Total AV.

Q: Is Total AV antivirus free software?

Ans: It is only free with its 7-day trial. Otherwise, it has paid options for complete use.

Q: Is Total AV a monthly charge?

The payment policy for How to Activate Total AV Antivirus is every year which includes all add-free and the latest features.

Q: Is Total AV antivirus trusty software?

Yes, it is trustworthy is very good in all tests regarding system safety and protection.

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